The first giving circle to fund investigative journalism


Flashlight is the first giving circle to fund journalism.We pool money to give grants to investigative journalists, because we believe their work makes our society stronger.We're news innovators: we’re journalists and business folks with experience across the Atlantic, Google, nonprofit, journalism tech, and civic tech.Investigative journalism captures public attention, illuminates important issues, and holds power to account.But it’s costly, time-intensive, and today’s news business models aren’t equipped to support it.As a result, many important stories are never told.We call ourselves Flashlight because we believe that you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire to shine a light on important issues -- after all, anyone can hold a flashlight.Together, we have the power to make those stories possible.

How Flashlight Works

Flashlight members come together at Campfire, our quarterly event.1. Before Campfire, we call for applications
2. Flashlight’s grants committee selects finalists.
3. At Campfire, Flashlight members pitch for finalists they think should be funded by Flashlight.
4. Members and guests select a winner.
After Campfire, members crowdfund on behalf of the winning journalists, using seed funding from Campfire to attract donors.Grantees retain complete editorial control and are free to publish their work wherever they like.


How do I join?
Flashlight is currently by invitation, but you can join the waitlist.
We’re building our relationships with each other first. Each member gets a small number of invitations so we can prioritize building curated, high-quality relationships.What are the benefits of joining Flashlight?
✓ Be a part of news history: the first to test a new funding model for journalism
✓ Nominate, pitch, and vote for investigative journalists to fund each quarter
✓ Meet other news innovators at exclusive, curated events
How much does it cost?
We suggest $100 per quarter, though you can give whatever is right for you.
Is there a time commitment?
None. If you can’t make it to Campfire, we’re grateful for your donation!
Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes, Flashlight is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.
I'm a journalist. How can I apply for a grant?
Apply here!
Who is behind Flashlight?
Flashlight is led by Jordan Jones, Tina Xiao, and David Burt. Send us a DM to say hi!


Thank you for helping to make more investigative journalism possible!

Our Members
David Burt
Jordan Jones
Michael Mellody
Jesse Ryan
Tina Xiao
...and you?